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Violin -Cello -Bass POLISH - 'Endeavour'

"If I don't practice one day, I know it; two days, the critics know it; three days, the public knows it." -Jascha Heifetz



Made in New Zealand and blended to be suitable for use on the finest classical instruments.

Helps to restore a natural glow while protecting delicate varnish from your skins natural acids and salts. Many other 'cheaper' polishes contain either silicon or wax which are harmful to delicate varnish. Endeavour Polish is safe to use and contains no harmful substances.

'Endeavour' Luthiers' Polish is blended to be suitable for use on the finest classical instruments.
Excogitated for use on the most precious and delicate antique musical instruments.

-Helps to restore the beautiful and natural glow of your varnish while providing a protective barrier layer on the surface.
-Helps to protect delicate varnish from build-up of sticky rosin, and also the harmful acids, salts and sebum secreted from human skin.
-Made from natural ingredients. Contains no silicon or wax.

Instructions for use:
Daily, WITHOUT polish: Maintain your instrument by wiping all over with a dry soft natural cotton cloth.
Weekly, WITH polish: Shake well. Apply a few drops to a second soft natural cotton cloth and polish the varnish sparingly. Avoid the bridge and strings.
NB: Any damaged areas, patches of exposed or bare wood must be avoided and kept completely clean. (Consult a professional luthier for repair).