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Endeavour 'Pure' organic Violin & Viola rosin

"When you play a violin piece, you are a storyteller, and you’re telling a story." -Joshua Bell



Endeavour 'Pure' rosin is 100% natural and organic, customised and hand made with time honoured traditional methods.  The sound and response of your instrument is enhanced by fine tuning the attack, clarity, traction and texture of your rosin.  The exact combination of grip, traction, and lyrical quality of Endeavour 'Pure' rosin is exactly what your ears deserve!  This rosin offers a bright and clear sound with a clean attack and a smooth feel on the strings, allowing your bow to control the strings with precision and freedom and therby producing a vibrant sound.

"Warmness in colour matches the warmth of tone produced".

This is an excellent rosin, large size and at a truly affordable price.