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Endeavour ‘Interceptor’ Electric Double Bass

"Don’t be pressured into following what’s considered to be the norm. If you’re going to choose a profession like being a musician or an artist, you just have to remain true to who you are. I really believe that if you’re sincere and genuine about something, it will work out in the end. " -Diana Yukawa



Endeavour ‘Interceptor’ Electric Double Bass with active electronics.

Endeavour electric double basses are hand-crafted to quality specifications of The String Workshop.

The ENDEAVOUR “Interceptor” series electric double bass outfit Includes bass, removable support arm, carbon fibre bow, bag, and rosin.

These electric basses stand out from other brands of ‘cheap’ and ‘low-spec’ electric double basses which unfortunately swamp today’s market. Endeavour electric basses are built to higher spec requirements, and produce an alive and clear resonance which exceeds the tone of other electric basses in this price range. Made from hand-selected and seasoned tonewoods, hand crafted, and then carefully wrapped in carbon fibre vinyl for a modern look. They then undergo thorough quality control checks before being sent to New Zealand. Once they arrive in New Zealand, they are again inspected and evaluated for quality. Each instrument is then personally set-up by Phil Whitehead and professionally adjusted for perfect playability, and for the most clear and ‘sizzling’ tone.

New Zealand’s professional entertainers agree; "Endeavour electric double bases are excellent instruments."

ENDEAVOUR ‘Interceptor’ Specs:

  • Bridge: Height adjustable
  • Strings: D’addario Helicore (USA)
  • Pegs: Ebony with Parisian eyes
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Tailpiece: Carbon Fibre, with built in precision tuners
  • Body: Solid select seasoned Maple.
  • Body Finish: Carbon fibre
  • End-pin: Carbon Fibre
  • Pickup: Under-bridge slimline transducer
  • Electronics: 9 volt onboard active electronics. Separate 3.5mm audio input socket, and 1/4 inch output jack socket.
  • Bow: Braided Carbon Fibre stick. Ebony frog with parisian eyes. Natural unbleached Mongolian horsehair. Nickel-mounted frog. Silver lapping. Leather thumb grip.
  • Bag:  Durable padded nylon carry-bag.  Black.  Water resistant.  With straps and pockets and bow-holder.

You are welcome to visit ‘The String Workshop’ in Mairangi Bay and try before you buy.