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""Life" is a like myriad of perpetually ever-changing sound waves. "Living it" is like enjoying listening to this unrepeated orchestra and comfortably jamming along." -Bo Ratiwat



"The Tribute is the ultimate solution for an excellent and professional quality instrument."

Endeavour 'Tribute' cellos are designed as a tribute to Antonio Stradivari and are the crown of the Endeavour range. They are made from all European tonewood which is aged and seasoned for a minimum of 15 years before being lovingly hand carved into a masterpiece cello. Meticulously crafted to strict design and quality specifications of The String Workshop, they stand out from other brands of 'heavy' and 'dull' instruments which are swamping today's market.
Endeavour 'Tribute' cellos are light-weight and produce an alive, and clear resonance which far exceeds the tone of other instruments in this price range.  Made from carefully selected fine-grained and seasoned European tonewoods, they are hand carved, hand assembled, and then carefully hand varnished with a natural recipe traditional oil varnish before being sent to New Zealand for inspection. Once they arrive in New Zealand, they are carefully inspected for quality control. Each instrument is then personally set up by Phil Whitehead and professionally adjusted for perfect playability and for the most clear and balanced tone. 
Made from aged European tonewoods, lovingly carved by hand in a meticulous workshop in China. This cello has the characteristics of excellent tonal quality plus correct measurements and specifications - an ideal combination. Endeavour is a New Zealand brand, and all specifications are to design and quality standards of The String Workshop in Auckland NZ.

Endeavour 'Tribute' cellos are hand carved with a highest grade European wood, seasoned for minimum of 15 years before being carved. Fine-grained aged 'select' solid spruce top, highest grade aged 'select' solid flamed maple back and sides, hand inlaid purfling, natural and traditional oil varnish, and full ebony fittings.

The Endeavour 'Tribute' cello is a fine example of an instrument with value and quality that far surpasses its price tag, meeting the specific needs of advanced students. Completely hand-carved from seasoned select solid European tonewoods, this cello is the best available at this price point!

Belly - Hand-carved seasoned European select solid Spruce
Back - Hand-carved seasoned European select solid Maple
Sides - Solid flamed seasoned European select Maple
Scroll - Hand-carved seasoned European select solid flamed Maple
Purfling - Hand Inlaid Maple-Ebony-Maple
Varnish - Hand oil varnished with natural and traditional recipe, with an antique look.
Fingerboard -Ebony
Pegs - Ebony
Tailpiece - Wittner (Germany), with integrated fine-tuners.
Bridge - Despiau (France)
Strings - Spirocore C & G (Austria), Larsen D & A (Denmark)
Bow - Octagonal stick. Ebony Frog with genuine unbleached natural horse hair
Bag - Padded nylon

You are welcome to visit The String Workshop in Mairangi Bay and try before you buy.