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Endeavour 'Maestro' Viola - All Sizes

"Don’t be pressured into following what’s considered to be the norm. If you’re going to choose a profession like being a musician or an artist, you just have to remain true to who you are. I really believe that if you’re sincere and genuine about something, it will work out in the end. " -Diana Yukawa



Endeavour 'Maestro' violas are the highest level violas in the Endeavour range. They are hand-carved, and hand varnished in China to quality specifications of The String Workshop.
These violas stand out from other brands of 'heavy' and 'dull' violins which are swamping today's market.

ONLY $1495 !!!

Endeavour violas are extremely light-weight and produce an alive, clear and beautiful resonance which far exceeds the tone of other violins in this price range. Made from carefully selected fine-grained and seasoned tonewoods, hand carved, and then carefully vanished by hand with traditional oil varnish. 

Each instrument is personally set-up by Phil Whitehead and adjusted for perfect playability, and for a beautifully rich and balanced tone. An excellent instrument for any higher level player. 

Endeavour Maestro viola specs:

  • Pegs: Ebony

  • Fingerboard: Ebony

  • Strings: Corelli New Crystal (France)

  • Bridge: Aubert (France)

  • Tailpiece: Wittner (Germany)

  • Chinrest: Ebony "Guarneri"

  • Belly: Solid spruce. Fine grain

  • Back: Premium Flamed Maple

  • Ribs: Pemium Flamed Maple

  • Varnish: Hand varnished with traditoinal natural oil varnish

  • Bow: Brazilian hardwood. Ebony frog. Natural horsehair. Nickel-mounted frog. Silver lapping. Leather thumb grip.

  • Case: Lightweight 'deluxe' model. Impact resistant styrofoam core. With string tube, four bow clips, 'roomy' shoulder rest compartment, A4 sheet music pocket, and removable shoulder straps.

You are welcome to visit The String Workshop in Mairangi Bay and "Try before you buy."