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""Life" is a like myriad of perpetually ever-changing sound waves. "Living it" is like enjoying listening to this unrepeated orchestra and comfortably jamming along." -Bo Ratiwat



A beautiful highest grade pernambuco cello bow. 4/4 size.
Pernambuco - A very dense wood with a naturally high spring tension. Draws a strong and detailed sound, and plays more vibrantly.

Cellists know that their ability to generate clean, clear, and colourful notes is only possible with an expertly crafted and well-designed cello bow - like Endeavour Pernambuco bows.
The importance of a great-quality Pernambuco cello bow therefore cannot be overstated. The bow is a crucial component in a cellist’s list of accessories, as it makes up half of the playing action on any instrument. This incredible bow delivers the best cost-to-performance quotient we’ve seen, and it has been used by countless professional cellists who appreciate its perfect camber, exacting tonal qualities, and ideal weight and balance. Each Pernambuco cello bow is crafted of highest quality ‘three-star’ Pernambuco wood and features a fully-lined sterling ebony frog, silver winding, and a genuine leather grip. The naturally white and unbleached Mongolian stallion horsehair helps deliver perfect tones and ideal playability for cellists of all levels.

Inspected and adjusted by Phil Whitehead, in-house New Zealand Luthier with over 20+ years of experience

  • Specifications

  • Highest Quality “three star” Pernambuco Wood

  • Fully lined Ebony Frog.

  • Perfect camber. Great tonal qualities. Easy response!

  • Silver winding and genuine high quality leather grip.

  • Best quality Mongolian soloist horse hair.

  • Perfectly weighted and balanced, yet elastic stick!