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Dörfler #192 Viola Bow. Germany

"Don’t be pressured into following what’s considered to be the norm. If you’re going to choose a profession like being a musician or an artist, you just have to remain true to who you are. I really believe that if you’re sincere and genuine about something, it will work out in the end. " -Diana Yukawa



A beautiful professional level bow.

The Dörfler family have owned and operated their bow making workshops in Bubenreuth Germany for four generations. They make a wide range of bows, from student models through to their “Master Bow” series. 

  • Master Bow series
  • Grade A pernambuco wood stick. Aged for 15 years
  • Octagonal
  • Ebony frog, split Nickel silver mounted, with trimmed slide, and Parisian eye
  • Three-part button with pearl eye and eight inlaid eyes
  • 'Metal blanc' silver lapping
  • Leather thumb grip
  • Natural unbleached Mongolian stallion hair

For demanding musicians of a superior level. Grade A pernambuco stick, stored, dried and aged impeccably for 30 years. Excellent elastomechanic qualities.  Fine details such as the fine, fully-lined ebony frog with a three-piece button with eight inlaid eyes make this bow a real jewel!  For the musician, a bow is as important as the instrument that they want to bring to life. The sound quality of a stringed instrument can only be achieved when both components fully harmonise.

Pernambuco wood octagonal stick- Draws a strong and detailed sound, and plays more easily.

The Dorfler Viola Bow #192 is known as one of the finest handmade German bows. This special model comes from the masterbow series and is made from the finest quality pernambuco stick. An octagonal stick bow, featuring a fine ebony frog with split heel plate, trimmed slide, parisian eye, three part button with eight inlaid eyes and metal blanc winding. 

The Dorfler workshop is best known for its high quality of standards, artistic intuition and perfection. This reputation was made from the work of Egidius Dörfler and for this reason the master bows are named after him. The bows carry such quality of sound, purity, strength and polish of tone.