Musical Instrument Accessories

Made in New Zealand, by The String Workshop

M.U.D. M.ulti U.tility D.esiccant
Preventing the harmful effects of humidity on your musical instruments.

M.U.D. is an exceptionally effective dehumidifier made from highly absorbent and unique European calcinated minerals. It lasts longer, and removes more moisture from the air than any other desiccant in the world. It is a reusable, organic, moisture-absorbing compound that is capable of absorbing up to 75% of its own weight in water for 60-90 days and can then be used over and over again. Thus protecting your musical instruments, and equipment from harmful humidity.

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RRP $29.95 N.Z.

Available now from all good music stores, or otherwise contact your nearest distributor.

Oleo polish
Blended to be suitable for use on the finest classical instruments.

Oleo polish helps to restore a natural glow while protecting delicate varnish from both rosin buildup, and also your skin's natural acids and salts. Many other 'cheaper' polishes contain either silicon or wax which are harmful to delicate varnish. OLEO is safe to use and contains no such harmful substances.

To use: Shake well and apply a few drops onto a soft cloth. Polish sparingly and lightly over the instruments surface.

Avoid bare wood. Any bare patches where varnish has worn through with age or has been chipped should be avoided and kept completely clean and untouched. Consult a professional Luthier for a varnish repair.

RRP $19.95 N.Z.

Available now from all good music stores.